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Joshua Hatton and Seth Klaskin got to know each other while serving on a Rabbi Search Committee for their temple.  They discovered that they shared a common penchant for Scotch whisky.  Late one stormy winter night, as they literally sat in the darkened temple library waiting for the lights to go back on so they could resume the blacked-out search committee meeting, Josh and Seth hatched a plan.  They determined to create a social interest group of temple members that would gather and circulate from house to house on a monthly basis for themed whisky tastings.  As they rounded up a group of about 10 folks, they jokingly took on the moniker, The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society.  It was the earliest step of an incredible journey that ultimately became this Nation.

Since then, Josh assumed the lead role, geeked up on whisky knowledge and started the blog (now  Within two years, he became a world-renowned whisky blogger and reviewer.  Along his journey, he befriended a loyal, kilt-donning, West Coast transplanted Scot by the name of Jason Johnstone-Yellin.  Jason was an established and acclaimed international whisky blogger and reviewer in his own right.  The two became founding members of the Whisky Roundtable and developed a strong whisky kinship.  Jason flew to Connecticut from Washington state to attend a whisky tasting that Joshua organized of The Balvenie range.  The tasting was led by The Balvenie Global Brand Ambassador, Sam Simmons.  The event drew over 40 participants.  Our group had grown, and clearly so had Josh’s connections in the industry.

Jason was impressed by the enthusiasm of the participants and by the spirit of the night. He suggested that Joshua try to bring this vision to a broader audience. Joshua shared the notion with Seth.  Over time, the three co-founders developed an incredible synergy and working partnership that grew into the current iteration of the Jewish Whisky Company and Single Cask Nation.  Our vision has taken form and now all of you have joined us.

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