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We've won! We've won!! Wait, we've won?!

What would you do if you received some of the best news you could ever hope for yet at the same time feel you're not worthy of it?

I am, of course, talking about the fact that my newly formed Independent Bottling Company just tied Adelphi in the 2012 Drammie awards for the title of Best Independent Bottler!  It's a bit mind blowing given that our first bottlings have yet to hit US shores and Adelphi as been an award winning Independent Bottler for many, many years.

Being that the voting in the category for "Best Independent Bottler" resulted in a tie, Doug Stone and the rest of the team at For Whiskey Lovers awarded Adelphi the full title of "Best Independent Bottler" but gave us "Honorable Mention".

The amazement of receiving "Honorable Mention" for "Best Independent Bottler" in the 2012 Drammies aside, I am taken aback at the fact that there were thousands of votes in the Drammies and ALL of the votes needed to be typed in for the first round then multiple choice for the finals.  And through all of that, you helped this new company, MY company win the Silver Medal, as it were.

Now comes the real work for us - living up to your vision of the company and your Society.  Our aim was always to make this company great and to provide you with a sense of community that goes beyond the word Society.  We strive to be One Nation, Under Whisky *.

On behalf of Jason, Seth and myself: Thank you.  Thank you kindly.

* Pending Trademark

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