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Ladies and Gentlemen...

…Introducing Your Single Cask Nation.

Two years of effort. Two years of homework. Two years of raising money. Two years of meetings, conferences, discussions. Two years of preparing for this moment.

It is true that we launched our membership organization in late February 2012. Without our members, all of our efforts over the past two years would surely have been expended in vain. We are forever indebted to our Founding Members especially; those who bought in to our concept before we even had whisky. Those of you who spent your hard-earned dollars on speculation. Those who saw something and who believed in us. The time since we’ve been recruiting Nation members has indeed been sweet and we are honored by your expressions of support in all forms. Heck, we even won a Drammy Award, tying a well-known and decorated indie bottler before accepting Honorable Mention because of one small technicality: WE HADN’T RELEASED ANY WHISKY YET! It’s already been quite a trip.

But this moment in time represents the real culmination of all our efforts over the past two years. This moment is exciting not only for the Co-founders, but for all members of Single Cask Nation. This moment will forever shine as the moment that Joshua, Jason and Seth laid it all on the line by releasing our first set of independently bottled single cask whiskies. This is the big league.

During an epic journey to Scotland that allowed us to bond and reinforce our commitment to each other and to the Nation, we selected four whiskies that, for various reasons, reached out and screamed to be bottled in our first cut. We are extremely proud to present four casks; head-turners that we feel will put Single Cask Nation solidly on the map.

Our first set of expressions includes an Islay whisky from Kilchoman that is aged four years but has the complexity of a much more mature whisky, and delivers Islay peat as pretty as any. We looked past the “vatting whisky” reputation of Glen Moray to find a 12-year aged cask that typifies the beautifully crafted spirit that is maturing, unbeknownst to many, in this distillery’s pristine dunnage warehouses. We have followed the development of Isle of Arran Distillery with great interest and our affinity has been rewarded with an incredible, unique 12-year-old dazzler finished in an ex-Pinot Noir cask. And we found a hidden gem in an unusually peated Speysider in a 17-year-old BenRiach that will take your breath away.

This array of fine whiskies says much about Jewish Whisky Company, LLC as a company. We will boldly select casks that appeal to us for their beauty, complexity, character, uniqueness and drinkability. We will bottle our whiskies at cask strength with no chill filtering. We will remain fiercely independent while providing a broad range to suit every palate. We will strive to source whiskies that are accessible, both to the modern drinker and to our adventurous members. We will honor our commitment to capture some special spirits that are kosher-by-nature, without compromising quality in any way.

And now, after two years of hard work, we get to share our whiskies with you, our members. We can’t wait to see your faces and hear your comments. Only then will we know that it was all worth it. Only then will Joshua, Jason and Seth be able to relax, if only for a moment, before we get back to work rooting out the best drams and casks for you, the Nation. Single Cask Nation. One Nation, Under Whisky.

L’chaim and Slainte!
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