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The Jewish High Holidays are here again. Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Days of Awe, but also the beginning of the Jewish Calendar year. This temporal coincidence means that every Jewish New Year is both a cause for hope and reflection, while also a renewal of vows to be the best people we can be. Literally translating to “Head of the Year,” Rosh Hashanah brings renewal of spirit, the possibilities of new beginnings, and the celebration of growth. For these reasons, this particular Rosh Hashanah has held special meaning for the co-founders of Jewish Whisky Company, LLC and Single Cask Nation. Joshua, Jason and I wish all our Jewish members a happy, healthy and sweet New Year. And to ALL of our members of all backgrounds on this auspicious occasion, let Prosperity be the theme of the coming year for you, for your loved ones and for the Nation.

L’Chaim and Slainte
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