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Whisky Jewbilee 2012


Our inaugural Whisky Jewbilee in New York City, simply put, was a huge success!  

For all those that had a chance to come out, thank you!  As you know, the Whisky Jewbilee was your chance to taste some of the finest whiskies (more than 100 different expressions to choose from) all in a comfortable and relaxed setting, filled with some of the most amazing kosher foods, provided by Ari White of Gemstone Catering (food, as you know, was under Star-K).

What you may not have known is that the Whisky Jewbilee made a little bit of whisky-history...  

The Whisky Jewbilee was the coming out party for Japan's Nikka whiskies here in the USA.  Additionally, The Glenrothes chose to treat some of you to their latest 1978 vintage.  As attendees of the Jewbilee, you were among the first in the USA to taste the 1978 vintage!  We were honored that Both Nikka and The Glenrothes would choose our event to launch their new products.

What's more is the Whisky Jewbilee was the coming our party for the Jewish Whisky Company.  We were very excited to sign on so many new members to Single Cask Nation and to pour our fine single cask whiskies.  It would seem that our peated  BenRiach 17yoreally pulled people in with it's elegent mixture of sweet fruits and peat smoke.  Our 12yo Arran, however, wowed those that enjoy cask strength whiskies with a slightly more spicy flavor profile and our 4yo heavily peated Kilchoman shocked people with how aggressive in flavor it was while retaining a "smoothness" as well as a true balance between the sweet and peat.

We've had multiple requests for pictures from the Whisky Jewbilee.  For your enjoyment, pictures are below.  

Thank you again for being a part of this historical whisky event.  We'll see you next year!


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