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The Whisky Fairy

One thing I love about kids is that they get so excited about the simplest of things.

I am moved to share this illustration, which occurred just tonight.  I arrived home this evening to find my youngest daughter working hard on a loose tooth.  Mind you, if this little girl got so much as a paper cut at school, she’d be down at the nurse’s office, bawling her eyes out.  Yet she was wrenching on her tooth like Lady MacBeth trying to rub the damned spot off of her bloodied hands.  There was an obsessive quality to this business.  She brought forces to bear on par with the breathy-metallic torque action of a pneumatic drill shucking lugnuts from a massive tractor tire.

Finally – inevitably – this singular effort produced its desired result, as the offending tooth was plucked from its patch of gum.  Blood spurted forth from my child’s gaping maw as she held up her enamel prize with a proud smile, looking very much like a satiated zombie that just feasted on fresh brains.  Demented scene. Really.

I snatched the tooth from her fingers and spirited it away for safekeeping, while directing my daughter to go rinse her mouth, stat.

As things calmed down and the surreal oozed back into reality like looking at a Dali painting backwards, I began to ruminate over what just happened.  Why had my daughter suddenly turned from a petite flower to a bloodthirsty Viking killer, hell bent on extracting guts from the innards of her spoil?  Then it hit me.  The Tooth Fairy.  She was willing to suffer great pain in exchange for the promise of a cheap toy with a dollar taped to it.  Ahh, to be young again…

I’m about to share a little secret with you.  It’s about our fearless leader, Joshua Hatton.  Josh grows quite giddy at the thought of receiving whisky bottles and samples by parcel delivery.  So giddy, in fact, that he relates his unbridled enthusiasm to that purest of childhood fantasies: the benevolent fairy.  Whenever Josh gets a package containing the brown hooch, he quips online that he had a visit from the Whisky Fairy.  His enthusiasm is infectious.  Like Pavlov’s drooling dogs, we are conditioned to anticipate a fine whisky review within days of Josh’s visit from the Whisky Fairy.

Some famous ancient dude once said something like “G-D made the kitten that man may pet the lion.” One of the reasons we designed Single Cask Nation the way we did was to afford our members an opportunity to feel the giddy anticipation of awaiting the next special bottle at your door; to bring a little Whisky Fairy into the lives of our members.  To harken us all back to our innocence so as to remind us what it was like to be young, carefree and so damned excitable.  Back to a time when fantasy was real and reality was so far off in the future that it was beyond the conceivable horizon; a time before the Tooth Fairy gave way to the Billing Invoice Troll and the Junk Mail Orc (two other fantastical critters who deliver stuff to your house, but only to grown-ups).

Josh, Jason and I share a vision that each Nation member delves into our personally selected expressions of fine whisky with epicurean delight.  We hope you all grow to yearn visits from the Whisky Fairy with the zeal of a child.  We hope you all come to feel that G-D created the Whisky Fairy that man may touch his youthful soul.

L’chaim and Slainte!

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