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Folks in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States have had a couple tough weeks.  First came “Superstorm” Sandy and then, too soon on its heals, another Nor’Easter buffeted the coastal states.  Many of the members of Single Cask Nation reside in affected areas.  Our hearts and best wishes go out to all of our members and their families during this difficult time.  We hope that all our members withstood the storms without major damage or disruption.

At the very least, many of us suffered inconvenience while we witnessed too many of our fellow Americans becoming displaced and losing their homes, businesses and even lives to these natural disasters.  New York lost at least 19 lives related to Sandy and Connecticut lost 6, while at last count, I believe New Jersey lost over 40.  We, at the Jewish Whisky Company, extend our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt condolences to those who lost life and property to the storms.  We know our fellow members of Single Cask Nation join us in this sentiment.

An interesting thing happened through the ordeal.  I noted that many SCN members who maintain Facebook friendships reached out to each other throughout and after the storms (whenever their power and internet connectivity would permit).  It is said that misery seeks company and it was wonderful to see our members pulling together and accessing each other for information, support, and even just basic comfort.

Some of the communications were strained, with folks sharing harrowing examples of how people they know have been impacted.  Other communications were light, such as sharing notes on whiskies poured and drams consumed to get folks through the mire.

Regardless of the nature of the communication, it is gratifying to see that members of the Nation are coming together in a meaningful way.  These difficult times make it clear that it is more than just love of whisky that binds us.  There is true fellowship developing among our members. Although one conscious goal of ours in founding Single Cask Nation was to do just that – to  spark a fellowship and a new way for folks to connect and interact in a virtual community – it is amazing to witness how quickly this bond is taking shape.

So, although the recent natural disasters have been quite harrowing and disconcerting, their aftermath reveals a silver lining to the huge spiral cloud.  We have emerged a stronger community, both in the macro sense as affected Americans, and in the micro sense, as fellows and friends in our fledgling Nation.

Joshua, Jason and I are proud of what we sparked when we founded Single Cask Nation.  We are proud of the good folks who have joined us to date, and we look forward to adding many enthusiastic members in the future.  There are some who will look to the Nation only for their peripheral ability to access quality whisky.  Others will dive in headlong and look to the Nation as a significant way to socialize and make new friends all around the country and, ultimately, the world.  Whatever your preference in this regard, we welcome you with open arms and with empathetic hearts.  Let’s hope we do not witness another natural disaster like Sandy any time soon.  But if we do, you can count on your friends at Single Cask Nation to help you ride out the storm.

L’chaim and Slainte.

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