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Okay, folks, I apologize. I have been derelict in my posting duties.  Though, in my defense, things have been busy.  Crazy busy.  Crazy GOOD busy.  Let me share a sampling of what has stayed my blog posts.

Last month I attended a tasting that Nation Founding Member Shane Helmick hosted. The creative theme Shane selected was to experiment with how different shaped glasses impact the experience of a dram. This topic could form the basis of an entire separate blog post, so I will cover Shane’s cool tasting event in a future post.

Also since I last posted, your fearless leaders have been hard at work on the whisky front.  As you have seen by now, we paneled and selected the next round of three casks that are special enough to serve up to our members.  The lucky winners are, in no particular order, a spicy little butter-bomb of a Speysider in a Glen Moray 12 year old expression; a dessert-sweet Dalmore 12 year old that is all stewed raisins and quite approachable; and a delicious, taut 6 year old Laphroaig that retains some distinctive Laphroaig characteristics fans will recognize, while also boasting a supple, clean peat that hangs sweet like Pez on the tongue (simply divine!).  Our first three whisky expressions have garnered critical acclaim from members and industry insiders, alike. Having earned our place on the map, Joshua, Jason and I feel this next set of three equally special expressions will confirm our place on the map. Click on the Bottlings tab above to get more details about the whiskies that are next in line to rock your world.

In addition to sacrificing greatly to sample and select new whiskies (I know, you are crying for us. Shhh. It’s okay, we will somehow survive the grueling tasting sessions!), we have been knee-deep in business and logistics.  During another company trip to Scotland in late February – early March, we solidified some important industry alliances and forged some new connections that will prove invaluable in the future.  We are finding that it is actually easier to make inroads with new partners and distilleries now because our young but hard-earned reputation is preceding us and opening doors.  Jewish Whisky Company’s reception in the small whisky world has been astoundingly positive!  So, yeah, business is good.

As for logistics, we are just now overcoming our first bump in the road.  As many of you know, we have experienced some difficulties in bringing our golden BenRiach 17 Peated Malt bottling to you, our members. The very good news is that this snafu is behind us and we will be delivering the BenRiach within a couple weeks, once it makes the trip from the importer to the distributor.

Also, we three chaps have been quite busy with member recruitment. Jason has made several trips to the Pacific Northwest and California, where he blazes a trail of new members wherever he goes.  A couple weekends ago he poured at the World of Whisky event in San Francisco.  Meanwhile Josh and I peddled our fine wares at WhiskyLive NY at Chelsea Piers and attended the World Whiskies Conference put on, in part, by Whisky Magazine (a conference for industry members that coincides with the magazine’s WhiskyLive event).  I have to say these festivals have been treating Single Cask Nation EXTREMELY well.  I don’t want to brag, but we are greeted like rock stars! People of discriminating taste (like yourselves) flock to our table, taking pictures and asking for pours of the whisky that they’ve heard chatter about all the way across the venue.  We even have industry folks leaving their booths to come sample our whiskies, and they wind up sending festival attendees over to our table!  It’s insane!  People love our whisky and they also dig what we’re doing and what we’re all about.  Members join right on the spot. Industry folks have accepted us and treat us with love and respect. And perhaps the best part of all is when our members in attendance come over to say hi and share a wee dramski with us!

Finally, our bottle presales have been killing it for the new bottlings!  Thanks for your orders…keep them coming! Thanks also for being such an important part of Single Cask Nation. Oh, and if you have not yet signed up for the private, members-only SCN fb page, what are you waiting for?  Join the community!

Things are moving along incredibly well, thanks in no small part to all of YOU, our cherished SCN Members.  Thanks, lasses and lads.



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