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Single Cask Nation Retail Release #6 Now In The US!

It seems like no time at all since we were celebrating the arrival of our fifth retail release and now here we are celebrating the impending arrival of our sixth retail release! Thankfully the world has changed very little in that time... Look for this release appearing on shelves towards the end of April and through May.

CLICK HERE for a list of states where we are currently distributed.

We're very happy with our sixth release as it offers older sherried Speyside whisky, younger peated Highland whisky, older grain whisky in first fill American oak, our first retail release from Israel, and a couple more treats.

Read on for more details:

Invergordon 26yo Single Grain, 1st fill Bourbon Barrel

This cask bottling, distilled in May 1993, spent twenty-six years maturing in a 1st fill bourbon barrel. It was bottled at cask strength in November 2019 at 47.9% ABV. Cask #901839 yielded 124 bottles.

Color: Chardonnay

Nose: A warming nose that presents notes of vanilla ice cream, lemon sherbet, white tea, warm rubber, confectioner's sugar, and cooked plantains. After the first sip we detect pear skins and hints of brown sugar, and vanilla extract

Palate: Massive oily texture, chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars, candy necklaces, lemon curd, tropical fruits (but the skins thereof), as the flavors build, so does the peppery aspect of the whisky; soft black pepper which is supported by cereals

Finish: The soft citrus notes remain and now we're presented with candied fennel seeds and a lasting milk chocolate and vanilla presence

On the label: Spend time with this dram and you'll be well rewarded. Opens with a classic Invergordon nose (vanilla and lemon notes) before warming towards plantains and pear skins. An oily palate with notes of lemon curd and rich grains finishes on milk chocolate with a hint more vanilla.

Recommended Retail Price: $225/bottle


Aultmore 30yo, 1st fill Sherry Butt

This cask bottling, distilled in June 1989, spent thirty years maturing in a 1st fill oloroso sherry butt. It was bottled at cask strength in November 2019 at 57.1% ABV. Cask #2459 yielded 465 bottles.

Color: Sanguine Copper

:  Heavy in style with ever-present notes of penuche fudge with pecans, charred carrot cake, pickled walnuts, balsamic reduction, bruised strawberries, salted pralines, and black licorice

Palate:  Multi-dimensional on entry (oily, waxy, and earthy) with pickled walnuts and truffle oil, fresh cracked black peppercorns, scorched caramel, polished, old mahogany and dusty library books, red wax lips, cola syrup, flamed peppermint, hints of shoe polish, and warm applesauce

Finish: Long and warming with abundant warm oak, ground nutmeg, roasted walnuts, and date rolls

On the label: A rich, warming, and satisfying old-style Speyside whisky that presents abundant walnut notes from nose to palate to finish but look, too, for salted pralines, polished mahogany, ground nutmeg, and warm applesauce. A delightful pour.

Recommended Retail Price: $375/bottle 


Aultmore 8yo, 1st fill Bourbon Barrel

This cask bottling, distilled in February 2011, spent eight years maturing in a 1st fill bourbon barrel. It was bottled at cask strength in November 2019 at 60.7% ABV. Cask #800233 yielded 227 bottles.

Color: Corn Oil

Nose: Prickly pear juice, oat milk, malted milk balls, etrog zest, sassafras tea, a barley field on a warm day with a mild breeze, cocoa powder, dried mandarin, olive tapenade (whacky, right?)

Palate: Big pepper upfront with a massive effervescent quality. Flavors of wheat germ, lemongrass, lime juice, increased cocoa powder, and more sassafras with a pleasant tea-like dryness as it transitions to the finish

Finish: Malted milk balls linger towards the back of the palate with cracked white pepper and a very delicate chamomile tea note

On the label: A secretive whisky that rewards time spent investigating all of its esoteric offerings: sassafras tea and etrog zest on the nose, wheat germ and lemongrass on the palate, and white pepper and delicate chamomile tea on the finish. What else will you discover?

Recommended Retail Price: $105/bottle


Ben Nevis 23yo, 2nd fill Bourbon Hogshead

This cask bottling, distilled in November 1996, spent twenty-three years maturing in a 2nd fill bourbon hogshead. It was bottled at cask strength in November 2019 at 50.4% ABV. Cask #1839 yielded 209 bottles.

Color: Gold

Nose: Immediately rich and warming (think warm spiced honey and brown Licorice Allsorts) with an underlying earthiness but with time it becomes bright and fruity (think candied orange peels and red wine gums)

Palate: A wonderfully textured mouthfeel leads to an explosion of rich and fruity flavors: toasted hazelnuts, chocolate biscuits, spiced pears, and warm apple cake. Note the building oak and pepper as it transitions to the finish.

Finish: Long and lasting with delicate sandalwood, ground grey pepper, and dark chocolate

On the label: The nose is rich and warming with notes of warm spiced honey and candied orange peels. Note the dense and oily texture across the tongue as this whisky delivers flavors of hazelnuts, chocolate biscuits, spiced pears and apple cake. The finish is long with delicate sandalwood spice.

Recommended Retail Price: $255/bottle 


Ruadh Mhor 10yo, 2nd fill Bourbon Hogshead

This cask bottling (from an undisclosed Highland distillery that sells its peated stock under the name Ruadh Mhor), distilled in March 2009, spent ten years maturing in a 2nd fill bourbon hogshead. It was bottled at cask strength in August 2019 at 60.7% ABV. Cask #57 yielded 238 bottles.

Color: Summer Straw

Nose: Pork rinds, baked avocado, spice rub mixture, burnt tinder, Big Red™ gum, salted pub chips (fries) with malt vinegar, autumn leaves, root beer candies, and hints of farmyard aromas

Palate: Rich and fatty, the palate first presents a massive blast of peat and ground cinnamon, then crushed smoked almonds, chipotle peppers, horse barns, iodine and clean bandages, smoked salt on golden apples

Finish: Long and warming with echoes of Redwood forest, lingering cinnamon, and salted caramel

On the label: Unexpected twists and turns are presented by this expression of Highland peated malt: rich and fatty with pork rinds and spice rub notes on the nose, followed by a blast of peat and ground cinnamon on the palate before finishing on warm forests and salted caramel.

Recommended Retail Price: $130/bottle


Milk & Honey 2yo, 1st fill Bourbon Barrel

This cask bottling (from Israel), distilled in June 2017, spent two years maturing in a 1st fill bourbon barrel. It was bottled at cask strength in December 2019 at 59.85% ABV. Cask #0118 yielded 256 bottles.

Color: Bright sunshine

Nose: Luxurious and buttery malt presence on the nose is exquisitely balanced by the oak with warm oak spice coming to the fore, complemented by fired Meyer lemon zest, Vietnamese coffee, fresh dandelion greens, warm honey and white peony tea

Palate: A good bit of spice up front but the soft oily texture shields the drinker from any alcohol burn. Fists full of malted barley, rich yellow fruits, more warm honey, and freshly whipped cream give way to gooseberry jam notes that are accompanied by a slightly salty tang before the return of bright citrus as it transitions to the rear of the palate

Finish: A pleasing creaminess resides on the tongue long after the liquid has gone. The memory is zesty, spicy and citrusy and lasts for a very long time.

On the label: Rich and buttery malt presence on the nose with warm oak spice and notes of citrus zest. Wonderful balance between the sweet and spicy elements and let’s not forget the rich mouthfeel and citrusy finish!

Recommended Retail Price: $90/bottle

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