Bowmore 30, Bourbon Barrel



This cask bottling, distilled in March 1989, spent thirty years maturing in an ex-bourbon barrel. It was bottled at cask strength in May of 2019 at 44.1% ABV. Cask #1986 yielded only 150 bottles.

Our tasting notes are as follows:


Nose: Everything we look for in 1980’s Bowmore: Pineapple soda (almost effervescent on the nose), Pixie Stix, lavender oil, new canvas shoes, a delicate wisp of smoke, Mandarin peel zest, orange blossom honey, sugar cookies, and a panoply of greenhouse flowers

Palate: Very generous mouthfeel which is both unctuous and vibrant (reminiscent of the effervescent quality we got on the nose). Highly perfumed with spider mums, lavender, and no-tear kids’ hand soap. Past this, the shopping list of penny store candies are revealed: Fun Dip, Bottle Caps, Red Hot Dollar$. The floral component returns in the form of rich and pungent honeysuckle

Finish: Like Beech-Nut gum, the fruit on the finish is massive. Unlike Beech-Nut gum, the flavor goes on and on and is supported by that delicate thread of smoke we detected on the nose

On the label

Established in 1779, the Bowmore distillery is Islay's oldest. The second best selling Islay whisky (behind Laphroaig) has barely changed tradition over the almost two and a half centuries it has been in production. Speak with current distillery manager David Turner and he'll tell you he's a steward of those established traditions. Speak with whisky drinkers in the know and you'll hear tell of a process that bucked those traditions during the 1980s... More generally, though, older expressions of Bowmore demonstrate a tropical fruit note that is much sought after.

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