Craigellachie 9, Oloroso Sherry Octaves - ARCHIVED

This marriage of two first fill oloroso sherry octaves, both distilled in February 2008, was bottled at cask strength in May of 2017 at 63.7% ABV.  The marriage of casks #34 and #69 yielded 140 bottles.
Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Chestnut

Nose Massive notes of dark chocolate and ground espresso beans, penuche fudge, pine tar, toasted pecans and scorched caramel, all things warming and comforting

Palate Enveloping texture with abundant coffee notes (think freshly made cappuccino), vanilla bean, whipping cream, shaved milk chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, spiced chai latte, and dark brown sugar

Finish Rich and interminable with chai spice, Italian dark chocolate, whipping cream, and lingering layers of cinnamon

On the label: Sweet and spicy with abundant coffee and chocolate notes this is everything we look for in a heavily sherried whisky. Add to this notes of vanilla bean, dark brown sugar, and a dense nuttiness; a charmer, no doubt.

Built in 1890 and owned by Bacardi since 1998, Speyside's Craigellachie distillery has gone from being the backbone of White Horse blended Scotch to playing a key role in the make up of Dewer's blended Scotch. Up until 2014 it was rarely found in official bottlings but now there are a few on the market that are well worth tasting. Currently, Craigellachie is one of only five distilleries in Scotland continuing with the use of worm tubs for condensing spirit vapors. As a result, the house style is heavy and even a little savory. The distillery produces approximately 4 million liters annually.

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