English Whisky Company 9, Sauternes Barrique - ARCHIVED

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This cask bottling, distilled in October 2007, spent nine years maturing in a first fill ex-Sauternes barrique.  It was bottled at cask strength in April of 2017 at 61.8% ABV.  Cask #803 yielded 218 bottles.
Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Reflective Copper

Nose: Begins with warm Ovaltine and uncooked pie crust before developing charred walnuts, golden raisins, golden syrup, and warm honey but with hints of ripe apricot in there, too 

Palate: Rich and unctuous entry like drinking warm honey with elements of salted caramels, warm New York City soft pretzels, and toasted pistachios, before a slight tartness like overripe nectarines develops -- the back of the palate is drying with cocoa notes as it transitions towards the finish

Finish: Drying with spicy French oak then stone fruits and Pixy Stix tart sweetness

On the label: Rich and unctuous with a warm sweetness that transitions from malty to fruity on the nose then honeyed to nutty on the palate before closing with stone fruits and a tart sweetness

The English Whisky Company's St George's Distillery started distilling in December of 2006 making it the first legal distiller of malt whisky in England for over one hundred years. Independently owned and operated by the Nelstrop family, the distillery currently produces 50,000 liters a year but has the capacity to produce 104,000 liters a year. The bulk of their maturation is done using first fill bourbon barrels.

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