About Us, Contact Information, and Frequently Asked Questions

Need to get in touch with us? 

toll-Free: 866.883.7528
phone: 203.689.5163
email: info@singlecasknation.com
snail mail: P.O. Box 335, Guilford, CT 06437

Is it true you have $15 Flat Rate Shipping for all your whiskies?

Yep. We're proud to have the lowest rate in the industry when it comes to shipping spirits. If you purchase one bottle the shipping charge is $15. If you purchase 12 bottles you'll enjoy the same rate: $15 to ship to your doorstep.

What is Single Cask Nation™?

Single Cask Nation™ began as a social fellowship or membership society organized around the right to purchase rare, fine single cask whiskies under the Single Cask Nation label.  More than a mere club, Single Cask Nation™ represents a unique virtual community in which members share a common affinity for the quality whiskies and other spirits of the world.

In 2017, J&J Spirits launched a line of Single Cask Nation products that will be available on store shelves and good whisk(e)y bars. This line of new products will complement the ongoing online-only line of Single Cask Nation products. Both lines offer different casks to Nation members and consumers, increasing the the number of products one can purchase and enjoy.

Why Should I join Single Cask Nation™?

Among other benefits, members of Single Cask Nation™ enjoy exclusive rights to buy the world’s finest, rarest single cask whiskies (and other spirits) that have been personally selected by our panel of refined noses and palates.  We select single cask quantities and once a bottling is finished, it is gone forever.  Like snowflakes, each cask is entirely unique and its yield is unable to be reproduced.  In this sense, products available to members are collectible, representing the ultra-premium segment of the whisky market.

What is the cost of membership to Single Cask Nation (*spoiler alert: membership is free*)?

Becoming a member to Single Cask Nation™, and hence gaining access to our online offerings, is 100% free and is as easy as creating an account. Simply set up your account prior to purchasing bottles (or after), and voilà! You're a member of Single Cask Nation.

What are your shipping terms? Are there any restrictions? How long will it take for my bottle(s) to arrive? 

Terms and Restrictions: Single Cask Nation™ whisky can only be delivered within the United States.  All of our whiskies are shipped to you by a retailer that can legally ship within your state. All whiskies will be delivered by an insured carrier. An adult signature is required for all deliveries.  Delivery will not be made if the adult recipient appears to be intoxicated.  Members must familiarize themselves with the sales and use tax laws of their particular state/province and claim any use and/or pay any taxes in accordance with the laws of that jurisdiction.  Shipping and handling charges are added to each order, as well as taxes where applicable.  Sales void where prohibited by law.

General shipping times "Rule of Thumb": All bottle orders placed on our website are collected each Monday at Noon EST. Bottles are collected from our warehouse the very next day and delivered to our shipping agent who will fulfill your order. On normal weeks, bottles will begin shipping on the Wednesday or Thursday after orders were collected (on the Monday described above).

Note: The above shipping times are a "Rule of Thumb." Shipments may be delayed depending on time of year (such as Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year's eve/day) or during a new product launch.

Don't forget: Single Cask Nation has the lowest rate in the industry when it comes to shipping spirits. If you purchase one bottle the shipping charge is $10. If you purchase 12 bottles you'll enjoy the same rate: $10 to ship to your doorstep.

If you have any specific questions regarding your jurisdiction you may email your question directly to info@singlecasknation.com.

Are Single Cask Nation™ whiskies certified kosher?

No, they are not.  As a Jewish owned company J&J Spirits operates on two principles: 1) Whisky is inherently kosher, and 2) everyone who observes kashrut (kosher laws) has their own boundaries and tolerance levels for wine cask/sherry cask-matured whiskies.  We will always place explicit cask notes on each bottle and on our web page, so that members can assess the maturation history of each expression before determining whether to purchase that bottling.  We will also strive to have a strong ratio of non-wine-aged, ex-bourbon or de-char/re-char cask bottlings available for those who adhere to a stricter formulation of kashrut. 

What will you do with your whiskies during Pesach (Passover), to maintain the kosher nature of the whisky?

During Passover, observant Jews are required to remove all chametz (grains, leavened breads and leavening agents) from their homes and businesses.  Many observe the tradition of the Selling of the Chametz.  This tradition involves entering a symbolic contract to sell the Chametz to a non-Jewish party, who retains ownership of the Chametz for the eight days of Passover, whereupon it is returned to the original owner once s/he may take repossession of it.  J&J Spirits will be "selling" its Chametz whisky during Passover, so there will be a brief period each Spring when we will not be shipping our online range of whiskies (eight days, usually occurring in the March to April time frame).  Folks concerned with this matter can contact us and we will be happy to provide documentation of the Chametz contract upon request.

Please also note that we intend to bottle some special non-grain spirits for sale and consumption during Passover, mezcal, rum, and tequilas, for example.  It would be a crime to show up at somebody’s Seder table empty-handed, after all! All of our members can expand their horizons with these non-whisky offerings as they become available.