1994 Kentucky Bourbon

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This bottling of Bourbon comes from an undisclosed Kentucky distillery. It was distilled in October 1994 and bottled in November 2020. It has spent 12 years maturing in Kentucky before 12 years maturing in Scotland. This global release is 1500 bottles at 47.4% ABV. Of that total, 1200 bottles are available exclusively to US members of Single Cask Nation.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Bourbon

Nose: Initially, and as expected, warm oak right up front. A second nosing, however, reveals *so much* more... Loads of berries such as açai, raspberries, cranberries, and pomegranate (yeah, we know, it's not a berry; just berry-like), all drowning in melting vanilla bean ice cream. Acid cigars and blueberry crumb cake with a buttery crust. Lovely. After taking a few sips notes of spun sugar and flan make themselves known.

Palate: Big pepper upfront but the texture is rich and the liquid rolls all along the tongue. Now to pay attention to the flavors: As the spice falls to the wayside, RC Cola and unlit menthol cigarettes appear. The flavors begin to build as notes of new horse saddles, cinnamon toast, and crushed almonds reveal themselves. Thankfully, the oak is additionally subdued by notes of red apples and crushed walnuts.

Finish: Boozy apricots and ginger beer make for a nice, long, satisfying finish.

Joshua and Jason discuss this SCN 1994 Kentucky Bourbon bottling on YouTube. CLICK HERE to view the video.

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