Backwoods Distilling 3, Recharred Ex-Australian Shiraz Cask

NOTE: Limited to one bottle, please.

This cask bottling of Australian heritage rye, distilled in July 2018 at Backwoods Distilling Co. in Yackandandah, spent 3 years maturing in a recharred ex-Australian Shiraz French Oak cask. Cask #14 was bottled in November 2021 and yielded 285 bottles at a cask strength of 59.9% ABV.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Dark Amber

Nose: Leads with rye grain but dark chocolate comes in right behind followed by autumnal tree bark and wet forest floor then agave syrup and warm Mexican mole sauce. Digging beyond the earthiness we uncover fresh green sassafras leaves and just the slightest hint of pot pourri

Palate: Rich and unctuous with chocolate coated Bing cherries, browned butter, and hints of Moxie soda before a pleasant rye dryness passes across the tongue with sour cherry notes that build mid-palate and last through the transition to the finish

Finish: Herbaceous and pleasantly drying with cocoa powder, more Moxie soda, and lingering sassafras

On the label: Spirit of Collaboration Since 2011

Joshua and Jason spoke with Backwoods founders, Leigh and Bree Attwood, on One Nation Under Whisky, Season 5, Episode 9. Listen HERE.

Backwoods Distilling Co. was founded by Leigh and Bree Attwood in 2017. They are located in Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia in what's considered Victoria's High Country. The Attwoods produce rye, single malt, and gin and pay particular attention to Australian wine cask maturation.

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