Beenleigh 14 Australian Rum

Single Cask Nation is proud to announce its very first collaboration with an Australian rum producer.

This single cask of Beenleigh Australian rum was distilled in August 2007. It spent fourteen years maturing in a 2nd fill bourbon hogshead (with the majority of its maturation occurring in Australia) before being bottled in September 2021 at a cask strength of 65.1% ABV. Cask #39 yielded 261 bottles.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Golden hay

Nose: Quite fruity with notes of peaches (overripe) and papaya (underripe). Perhaps the peaches are poached and boozy… Hints of allspice, creme brûlée, and spun sugar. Fragrant and pleasingly dense.

Palate: Brown baking spices and more of those poached pears we found on the nose. The oak is a bit more present here with warm vanilla. The dense quality we found on the nose reveals itself to be like a caramel apple pie and a little pineapple juice on the side. All these notes come to the fore with the help of a nice, medium oily texture.

Finish: Long and pleasingly spicy.

Beenleigh distillery started producing rum in 1884 and has replaced stills and rebuilt buildings many times due to significant flooding in their part of Australia. While well known in Australia the distillery has virtually no presence in these United States. But that's about to change with this release!

Listen to our November 3rd episode of One Nation Under Whisky to learn much more about this distillery with Steven Magarry, Production Manager.

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