Wild Turkey 9, Cask 1075, Rickhouse K - ARCHIVED

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This single cask bottling, distilled in December of 2008, spent nine years maturing in a new charred oak barrel on the fourth floor of rickhouse K. Cask #1075 was bottled March 2018 and yielded 150 bottles at a natural cask strength of 56.8% ABV.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Polished copper

Nose: Delightfully funky leading with damp oak and fresh pond water but with more traditional notes of pecan pie filling and brown sugar topped apple oatmeal following along behind - notes of cinnamon sticks, sandalwood, malted brown cereals, spearmint sprigs, and fresh cotton sheets add to the overall experience

Palate: A wonderfully weighty mouthfeel with black cherries, dark molé, cinnamon chewing gum, boozy apricots, (even the damp basement from your teenage years), building towards crushed cloves, clove cigarettes, and cigar ash

Finish: Long and juicy with ripe red berries and a rye sweetness that transitions into a pepperiness with a drying oakiness

On the label: One for the Wild Turkey connoisseurs who love the famous “Turkey funk”: look for a damp earthy/woody quality that is balanced out by a fruity sweetness that closes on a drying oakiness.

The history of the Wild Turkey brand is a long and storied one. While we can start with Thomas Ripy way back in 1891, the real story of the brand began when Austin Nichols launched Wild Turkey as a Non-Distiller Producer (NDP) brand in 1942. At that time, Mr Nichols did not have his own distillery. However, he remedied that in 1971 when he purchased the Boulevard distillery, changing the name to the Wild Turkey Distillery.

With the ever changing whiskey landscape, Wild Turkey may very well be the last American distillery to employ three generations of one family. Jimmy Russell has been employed for over sixty years, his son Eddie for over thirty years, and recently Eddie's son, Bruce, has returned home to Wild Turkey to begin his training as he looks to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.


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