FEW 2, New Char Cask Rye - ARCHIVED

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This cask bottling, distilled in July of 2012, spent almost three years maturing in a new char American oak cask. Cask #579 was bottled May 2015 and yielded 138 bottles at a natural cask strength of 59% ABV.


Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Burnished brass

Nose: Something of the bakery (rye bread dough, white cake box mix), and the classroom (fresh pencil shavings, pencil erasers) about this one with a lovely spice layer over the top (peppery with freshly cracked caraway seeds)

Palate: Pronounced rye spice with pepper and turmeric that leads into red apple skin and a note that’s not unlike tasting the air in a used book store

Finish: Drying (gently astringent), developing rye spice notes, maybe even dried sage on the end

On the label: A waxy, peppery nose leads into red apples and brown spice on the tongue with a drying, herbaceous yet spicy finish

FEW Spirits was founded by Paul Hletko in 2011 in the town of Evanston, Illinois, approximately 12 miles north of Chicago, a town well established on the booze map by virtue of Frances E Willard housing her Temperance Movement there. Paul was instrumental in overturning the century-old local liquor laws in order to become the first local distiller of grain spirits. FEW Spirits produce gin, bourbon, and rye.

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