Laphroaig 6, Bourbon Cask - ARCHIVED


This cask bottling, distilled in November 2006, was matured in a refill bourbon hogshead.  It was bottled at cask strength in April 2013 at 57.8% ABV.  Cask #119 yielded 269 bottles.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Pale straw

Nose: One of the cleanest Laphroaigs we've nosed to date.  Bright and bracing with wafts of sea air however there are scent that reminds us of cold mornings by a seaside campfire.  Sweet, unripened banana and loads of peat!  Citrusy orange and hints of light wood spice in the background

Palate: A tad shy at first but then the flavors begin to develop and grow; Barbecue and freshly fired weber grills, banana skins, pear drops and a growing heat that quickly simmers thanks to the viscous quality of the whisky and overall saltiness and salt air flavor to the whisky.  Classic Laphroaig iodine.  Lovely

Finish: Slightly tongue numbing, salty with hints of white berries and a touch of mint toward the very back of the tongue

On the label: Simultaneously clean and bracing with coastal sea air but with a sweet peat reek that is redolent of slow cooked barbecue and campfires.  The classic iodine note is unmistakable.

The Laphroaig distillery is situated between the old Port Ellen distillery and Lagavulin.  Laphroaig is known to have oddly small stills, seven in all.  The short squatness of the still design seems to be responsible for the heavy, rich quality of their spirit.  Should you ever find yourself on Islay, be sure to first go to the Laphroaig website to "claim your square foot of Islay."  Owners of Laphroaig land can claim rent from Laphroaig and, once per year, you can get yourself a 5cl bottle of one of their whiskies.  Fun.

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