LDI Light Whiskey 11, Refill Barrel - ARCHIVED


This cask bottling, distilled in February 2003, spent eleven years in a refill American oak barrel.  It was bottled at cask strength in May of 2014 at 66.3% ABV. Cask #2397 yielded 156 bottles.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Amber

Nose: Opens on abundant orange treats: orange spiced gumdrops, chocolate covered orange peels, freshly scored orange zest. Move beyond the orange notes, though, and there's white pepper, grilled green apples, sandalwood, and a hint of rosewater

Palate: For those well-versed in cask strength single casks the entry is oily and soft (for those of you still finding your way you'll be pleased to know this whiskey takes well to the addition of water), spicy and herbaceous with pepper and lemon sage there's also raw cookie dough and pronounced vanilla

Finish: Wonderfully long with orange cream and abundant oak

On the label: Citrusy, bright and welcoming. The nose leads with orange spiced gumdrops yet in the mouth it's a creamy treat with a pleasant drying finish.

Founded in 1847, Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (also known as LDI or MGP of Indiana) is one of America's powerhouse distilleries producing spirit for multiple well-known brands. While working on the 2014 Whisky Jewbilee festival blend we happened upon a very special single cask of light whiskey (or American grain whiskey) from this distillery. Inspired by this cask we decided to give the distillers of Lawrenceburg their fair due and bottled it as an LDI product. To our knowledge, no other independent bottler has ever released a single cask of American light whiskey at natural cask strength.

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