MGP Bourbon 11yrs 8mos old, bottle exclusively for C+S Straight Up


We here at Single Cask Nation are proud to have exclusively bottled this cask of MGP bourbon for C+S Straight Up.

Details below - don't forget to click "Show more" on this product page to see all details.

1. This bottling will ship late January/early February

2. Note from the C+S Admins (TL;DR has no place here - you need to read the following):

"Welcome fellow C+Ser! You were selected to enjoy a bottle of the nearly 12-year-old MGP barrel specifically for our group. First, a few items to keep in mind…. - You are here because you are approved to purchase, if anyone else tries to order, they will be denied. We are verifying all orders on the backend, so do not waste time trying.

You can only order 1 bottle, but shipping is a flat rate so we encourage you to check out the other wonderful products SCN offers.  

Joshua Hatton is a member of C+S and we want to support him as much as possible plus show our gratitude for letting us have this delicious bourbon! - This bottle should be opened and enjoyed, no bunkering please. Cheers from the fine folks at SCN and your admin team of C+S – Travis Hill, Benjamin Tenenbaum, Jonathan Renshon, Kerry Bossak, Eric Hsiao and John Tilka."

This cask of MGP bourbon was distilled and put into cask in April 2006. Though the label says bottled in November 2017, it was actually bottled in January 2018 at a natural cask strength of 52.6% ABV.

The mashbill for this bourbon is: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% barley

Color - Walnut

On the nose - Heavy mint top note, warm oak, and crushed cherries at first. Digging deeper we find notes of autumn leaves, cigar wrappers, worn leather, Thai coconut sticky rice, and Kahlua over vanilla bean ice cream. Absolutely magnificent.

Flavors on the mouth - The palate delivers just as we had hoped - rich, viscous mouthfeel and an attack of flavors that are not too far off from the nose. Add to this bakers chocolate, tropical fruits (think mango cooked in rum), and a good bit of rye driven spice and hints of fresh pine.

Finish - Interminable. Warm and satisfying with notes of lasting rye spice, oak, and vanilla.

On the label The nose presents notes of rich oak, cherries and boozey vanilla (among a good many other things) while the palate delivers the richness and depth one hopes for in older MGP bourbon. A shining example of damn good bourbon.

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