Penderyn, First Fill Grand Cru Bordeaux

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Join us in welcoming our first Welsh single malt to the Nation. We've had our eyes on Penderyn distillery for many years and finally we have a cask selection from them.

This cask bottling, distilled in May 2011, spent eight years maturing in a first fill Grand Cru Bordeaux barrique. It was bottled at a cask strength of 59.9% ABV. Cask #GC2 yielded 269 bottles.

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Oolong tea

Nose: Delightfully sweet and fruity: imagine candied chipotle peppers (if there ever were such a thing!), candy necklaces, stewed raspberries, tamarind chews, and white balsamic vinegar. Both freshly brewed coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans are unmistakable with hints of white peppercorns around the edges. But is that really salted avocado on the end?

Palate: Rich and unctuous (as the Nation has come to expect) with a wonderful mouthcoating texture. A good amount of fresh cracked pepper to open with hints of Fino sherry, fresh dried apricots, papaya, and guava paste before transitioning to salted oat cakes, then the return of the chocolate covered espresso beans from the nose makes for a nicely drying experience as we near the finish

Finish: Decent length and pleasantly drying with lingering notes of dark chocolate, espresso beans, and dried raspberries followed by a delicate ground peppercorn note

On the label: Oily and salty with wonderful dried apricot and coffee notes that pleasantly dries from palate to finish. The dried raspberry notes on the finish resonate. Be sure to notice the balance between earthy and fruity flavors with this terrific little drinker.

When founded in 1999, Penderyn became Wales' first whisky distillery in one hundred years. Distillation occurs through a very unique Faraday still that produces a delightfully fruity spirit. Penderyn are very proud that their distilling, blending, and maturation team are all women, which is unique for the whisky industry.

Learn more about the distillery and their unique distillation process through these two One Nation Under Whisky podcast episodes:

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