Port Charlotte 14, Oloroso Sherry Cask - ARCHIVED


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This cask bottling, distilled in November 2002, spent fourteen years maturing in a 1st fill ex-Oloroso Sherry Hogshead.  It was bottled at cask strength in September of 2017 at 60.2% ABV.  Cask #1142 yielded 264 bottles. 

Our tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Dark Rust

NoseChipotle chocolate sauce, bicycle tires, peppery brisket juice, Mexican chocolate, new paperback books, freshly opened box of black tea tea-bags, we do not want to stop nosing this - it’s so good - a shining example of what Port Charlotte can do in 1st fill sherry, effervescent cola and cola syrup, waxy, the textures on the nose continue to evolve, a handful of freshly picked daisies, slightly sooty in the background, we could go on and on...

Palate: Sweet and oily to the front of the palate with melting milk chocolate bars then towards the mid palate there’s a fair bit of nutmeg and a hint of chicory. Like a stormy night on Islay, salt air, earthy dampness, burnt toast, boozy raisins, mahogany furniture in an old, well kempt library, pickled walnuts, stewed and boozy prunes, back end of the palate has notes that are more dark wood and deep spice.

FinishReverberates for a good while with more heavy wood, deep spice, and pepper but there’s also grape popsicle and lingering truffle salt

On the label: This rust colored “Port Charlotte” sherry monster reverberates with notes of dark wood, boozy dark fruits, and Mexican dark chocolate. Are you afraid of the dark?

Founded in 1881, Bruichladdich distillery has a long and colored history. Being one of two distilleries on Islay to produce non (or lightly) peated whisky as a standard practice, Bruichladdich, a distillery that was mothballed four times in its history, was re-launched in 2000/2001 by owner Mark Reynier of Murray McDavid. Mr Reynier had the very good sense to bring on board Mr. Jim McEwan (formally of Bowmore fame) as Bruichladdich's master distiller. Once the stills became operational again the distillery began producing 10ppm (peated) Bruichladdich, and soon, 40ppm Port Charlotte, and 80ppm Octomore (which, over the years has gone to as high as 258 ppm!).  In 2012,  Rémy Cointreau purchased the distillery for £58 million, and in 2015 Jim McEwan retired from the distillery and was replaced by his apprentice, Adam Hannett.

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