Whisky Jewbilee Chicago Festival Bottling 2015


Welcome to the buying page for this unique celebration of Whisky Jewbilee's journey from New York to Chicago! Thank you for being in attendance and supporting our inaugural event. We hope to see you at our second Whisky Jewbilee Chicago on September 1, 2016.

Please see below for further details including our tasting notes.

Note there is a $10 shipping and handling fee to get this bottle from our warehouse to your front door.  

Bottles are sold on a first come, first served basis. Please do not delay your purchase to avoid disappointment. Orders will be pulled from our warehouse beginning Monday, November 16.

You *must* include your telephone number for UPS.

Our inaugural Whisky Jewbilee Chicago festival bottling is an 8yo American Light Whiskey distilled and matured at LDI/MGP (aka the old Seagram's distillery). It was further matured in a rye cask that was used to mature beer from the Shmaltz Brewing Company.

Even more information: This light whiskey was extra matured in a cask that previously held the 6yo LDI/MGP rye whiskey (which was part of the 2nd Whisky Jewbilee NYC festival bottling) which was used to mature Shmaltz Hop Manna IPA for the first collaboration beer bottled in celebration of Whisky Jewbilee NYC 2015. It's like a paradox wrapped in a conundrum.

225 bottles were filled at 65.1% ABV and each one is available for $85.

Color - Deep honey

On the nose - Toasted waffles dripping with heavy orange syrup, light citrus hop note and pine sap with fresh rye bread and caraway seeds framed by soft oaky tones

Flavors on the mouth - Oily entry with a chewy rye bread note, a hint of fresh citra hops, orange creamsicle, cracked black pepper, nutmeg, and a citrus pixie stick sweetness

Finish - A lasting umami-like saltiness as toasted caraway seeds and notes of orange cake transition to soft oak

It's well worth the journey!

Slainte & l'chaim,
The Whisky Jewbilee guys

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