Whisky Jewbilee Chicago Festival Bottling 2016 - Koval Collaboration


Welcome to the buying page for this unique celebration of Whisky Jewbilee's 2nd year journey from New York to Chicago! Thank you for being in attendance and supporting our inaugural event. We hope to see you at our third annual Whisky Jewbilee Chicago on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

Please see below for further details including our tasting notes.

Note: there is a $10 shipping and handling fee to get this bottle from our warehouse to your front door.  

Bottles are sold on a first come, first served basis. Please do not delay your purchase to avoid disappointment. Orders will be pulled from our warehouse beginning Monday, March 13.

You *must* include your telephone number for UPS.

Our 2nd annual Whisky Jewbilee Chicago festival bottling is a 5yo Straight Bourbon from Koval distillery right in Chicago. 

Even more information: Cask # 914. This is perhaps the oldest whisky bottled from the Chicago distillery and its added years in cask helps to show the maturity of the whiskey as well as the great direction Koval is headed in. 

150 bottles were filled at 54.5% ABV and each one is available for $85.

Color - Dark Amber

On the nose - Damp hay and cherry pits capture your attention before dill pickle brine, damp young wood, and turmeric round out the nose

Flavors on the mouth - Moderately oily texture and wonderfully effervescent on the tongue with vanilla, key lime, freshly grated ginger, and juicy Rainier cherries before hints of pickle brine tie the palate to the nose

Finish - Drying oak with lingering corn sweetness and a hint of cinnamon

Slainte & l'chaim,
The Whisky Jewbilee guys

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