Whisky Jewbilee Seattle Festival Bottling 2016


Welcome to the buying page for this celebration of Whisky Jewbilee's journey from New York to Seattle! Thank you for being in attendance and supporting our inaugural event.

Please see below for further details including our tasting notes.

Note there is a $10 shipping and handling fee to get this bottle from our warehouse to your front door.  

Bottles are sold on a first come, first served basis. Please do not delay your purchase to avoid disappointment.

You *must* include your telephone number for UPS.

Our inaugural Whisky Jewbilee Seattle festival bottling is a barrel married version of last June's Whisky Jewbilee New York City Westland vatting. Last year, Matt Hofmann, Westland's Master Distiller, took four Westland casks and vatted them to create a vibrant Spring blend that complimented the season and the Jewbilee perfectly. Limited to 150 bottles, we sold them out at the event. We took a further 150 bottles of Matt's vatting and barrel married them in a first fill bourbon cask for nine months. The result is a sweet and spicy blend perfect for a Seattle Spring.

150 bottles were filled at 58.1% ABV and each one is available for $85.

Color - Liquid gold

On the nose - Pleasantly woody on first opening, with a peppery green apple sweetness and a touch of mango syrup. A waxy floral note gives way to baking chocolate and just a hint of peat.

(After tasting, be sure to stick your nose back in the glass. The peat level goes from 0 to 60 as wonderful scents of lemon zest tickle the nose!)

Flavors on the mouth - A wonderfully oily mouth feel delivers abundant chocolate with sea salt, pronounced peat, and boiled peanuts. Fruit notes return with dried papaya and mango and then growing pepper toward the finish.

Finish - Good length, more dried fruits (apricot), lingering peat, drying woodiness.

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